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Hotend throat drill bit

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A precision bit designed and sized to fit the exact diameter of a hotend throat meant for bowden tubing or any hole that needs to be a snug but not restricting size for a bowden tube to pass through. Hardend steal, bronze coated, aggressive flute lips, and round shank for a perfect job everytime.

We were always searching for a perfect way to clear the gunk built up on the hotend throat of or mk8 style hotends. Chemicals and scraping are tedious and can lead to rough surfaces that just make it harder to clean next time. Finally we decided to offer the solution ourselves.

With this bit you just run it through for 3 seconds and the path is completely clear and ready for a bowden tube. It's also great for creating a hole in other things you need to pass a bowden tube through like a dry box or lack table etc but you don't want an oversized (or worse undersized) hole

Black PLA filament