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Q. What temperature should I print at?

A. Of course every situation is different but we currently print PLA at 220c, metallic PLA at 225c, ABS at 260c, TPU at 225c, and PETG at 250c. Bed temps are 60c for PLA, TPU, and PETG, 100c for ABS.


Q. What extrusion rate (multiplier/flowrate) should I use?

A. Most machines are designed for filament that is potentially over sized so they avoid clogging issues by keeping the extrusion steps per mm low. Our filament is .02mm tolerance with the error as much on the thinner side as possible to increase success but it means the need for increased flow is possible as well. It depends on the printer firmware mostly but we find an extrusion multiplier of 105-120% to work best. We use 115% on our creality machines.


Q. How much does an empty spool weigh?

A. Our spools weigh 182 grams empty.